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Playground wather Kids Pool Fun Balls - swimming pool with balls and slide

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Playroom mix - Water playground Kids Pool Fun Balls - swimming pool with balls and slide. Family fun funny video for kids. Kiddy balls. Playground in the water, that's what we like! Ball pit show.
The twins together with sister really likes to drip in swimming pools and already are very happy to still have a pool with a slide.
Water slide is a great thing for hot summer days.
Twins have plenty of laughter at such a bath and even their sister is Lucky.
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And so we say a playground in some languages: ಆಟದ, ойын алаңы, plac zabaw
sân chơi, terreno di gioco, дитячий майданчик, สนามเด็กเล่น, детская площадка, ملعب
操場, 操场, dětské hřiště, ludejo, cour de récréation, patio de recreo, tempat bermain, 遊び場,
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